~~~ can CDs withstand some cold from the air conditioner? ~~

on one occasion, i placed my store purchased cds in a simple rubber maid box next to the ground level air conditioner (my apartment is built that way) which blew at it through the night till morning for 8 hours full power which i then turned it off and the room goes hot again, i thought it wasn’t a problem since i remembered that only heat is harmful to discs but now from reading the linkie it seems that i’m not suppose to leave it anywhere below -10c. so are my discs damaged?

i was too tired from unpacking and cleaning my new home to give a damn, so i left it there and the next morning the interior of the rubbermaid box was quite damp and cold, some droplets of water even, though my discs were all secured either insides dvd cases or the caselogic dvd holder, but now i have to say i’m worried sick, i want to find the dumb ass who designed and built my apartment with the ground level air-co anchor so i can rip out his lungs.

please tell me my discs are ok…sobs

my box http://s2.thisnext.com/media/230x230...e_126ABBBE.jpg

my air co specification:

so are my discs still ok? do you think my box migitated my discs to the extreme temperatures? am living in a very humid city.

thanks sooo much!!!

Just try them they should be fine