Can cd writers that dont read subchannel data write them?



Since im considering buying the Acer 1208 writer, because it can copy SafeDisc 2 flawlessly, i read at CDR info that it cant READ subchannel data from a some CDs(something audio thing :), my question is, can it write it?
Because i already have a GD-2500 DVD-ROM drive and a Yamaha 4416S burner, and i was wondering if couldnt just use the GD-2500 to read the CD and then burn it with the Acer?


I have a ricoh 6200s. I have a plextor 820, older model (not clonecd supported). Will the Plextor burn what the ricoh reads? Haven’t tried it but maybe someone has? Anyone ever try this, please state example.


Yes, it can!
I have an Acer CRW 4432 and I cant’t read subchannel with it but writing is no problem ( except CD+G/CD-Text/RAW-DAO96 but this is working since CloneCD -see Version history, haven’t tested it till now).



I think the problem occurs with subchannel data for audio tracks(not sure?) anyone know if the GD-2500 can read that or perhaps my Yamaha 4416S?


And you’ll get it