Can cats realy talk



well can they what do you think real or fake?

either way its funny :iagree:


LMAO…that’s so cute! God help me if my cat ever learned to talk… :bigsmile:


Of course they can … they talk in cattish … but humans can only listen in bewilderment :stuck_out_tongue:


God knows what they must think of our language - again, I don’t think I want to know! :eek:


This is about the only time that our cat ‘Tramp’ doesn’t talk. When he’s asleep the little beauty :bow: :bow:


That’s a beautiful pic! :iagree: :bigsmile:

And yeah, my cat ‘talks’ constantly too.


Thanx Arachne,

It seems like every time he’s half asleep though like in the pic, his eye membrane shows and he looks so mean and spooky!!

He, like most cats, rules the house, decides when and where he wants to sleep and if he gets too cold during the night, comes and stands on the pillow next to my head until I lift the quilt up for him to get in with me.

Would you believe it !! :bigsmile:


A cat is a dog with a high school diploma.


Then the dogs have college diplomas :bigsmile:


Honourary only.


LOL the funniest CAt video I have ever seen … :bow:


I doubt they can talk, but as most mammals they can sure whine when tortured.


Dogs have masters…cats have personnel. Right James?
(Sorry Wazzy)


And they write postcards as well


I think that’s true :iagree:

LOL @ the “postcard” :bigsmile: