Can c+c generals be copied 1:1 without the need for clo



Hi…I have made a copy of generals and it’s working fine but I have to tick the hide cd-r in the clone tray icon…Problem is I don’t want clone and want it off the system…

Is there not a way I can make a copy without having the need for clone to remain on the system afterwards…?

Another software application that does this…?

Thanks for any help.


I know that I made a backup of my CD’s that runs without any extra emulation or anything. I think I used BlindWrite.



What CD/DVD drives have you got? It is possable to run a game off a back-up without any kind of emulation or ATIP hider.



hi …I have a lite-on (2 sheep burner) ltr 52246s,have tried with clone and Alcohol 120%…and each time as soon as I uninstall them…I get the message to insert the correct cd…?

How can I get round this…
Thank you.


This because both Alcohol 120% and CloneCD hide the ATIP. What means is that it hides the fact the game disk is really a CD-R rather than a CD-ROM. After SafeDisc 2.41 it checks the ATIP to make sure its a CD-ROM. As far as I know there are no standalone ATIP hinders. You have three options: 1. Keep Alcohol 120% or CloneCD on your PC. 2. Play the back-up off DVD-ROM. As a DVD-ROM never writes to a disk, I doesn’t (and and can’t) read the ATIP. 3. You could try GameJackal. It makes a ‘Profile’ of the game and allows you play it with out the disk being the drive. The ‘Profiles’ are only about 5/10mb in all.



So it can’t be done …! That has suprised me …I would have thought someone would have cracked this type of protection by now…oh well:(…

Thanks for your help Virushack.


It can be done. You just can’t run the backup from a burning drive without help.
From a -ROM drive it is entirely possible.
Bear in mind this is a weakness of the media (having an ATIP) and not a weakness in the burning process.