Can burn to cd but not DVD


I have a LG GSA 4136B with A106. This was already installed when i formatted my pc. I am using WIndows XP Professional SP2.

I am able to burn things to cd, but when i go to make a data disc on DVD format it only writes 1%, but doesn’t actually write to the disk.

The software i have tried are Nero & and the outcomes are both the same.

The computer spec is P4 3.0ghz, 1 gb ram, 200gb, 256 mb graphics. i have had the drive for a year now, but surely if it still copies to cd then its a software issue.

Other programs installed are Microsoft Office 2003 pro, zone alarm, avg, spy sweeper, cc cleaner, peer guardian 2. Don’t know if any of these have any known issues of conflicting.

Any help would be appreciated.


Would anyone advise me downgrading to A105 or A104 ?

Unless something went wrong when the drive was flashed to A106, I don’t think it will help. I have used every firmware version with my 4163B from A100->A106 and even with A100 the writer did not have a problem burning DVDs. It doesn’t hurt to try though, but if you want to try that, boot into safe mode and then flash the drive. In safe mode, most 3rd party drivers are not loaded, so if one of the drivers started with Windows happens to interfere with the flashing process, chances are it won’t be loaded.

You can try a burn in safe mode as well. You will only be able to burn at about 8x max, but it may help answer your question about whether the problem is caused by some piece of software installed on your system.

What DVD media did you use (brand/speed/+ or -)? Yes, it does matter. Every writer has a preference and certain cheaper discs just won’t work on certain writers.

There are two separate lasers in a DVD writer, one for writing to DVDs and the other for writing to CDs. It is possible that the DVD laser is not working but the CD one still works.

It’s still too early at this stage to figure out if software or hardware is at fault. See if any of these suggestions help first.

Hehe, that was the first thing that sprang to my mind. :wink:

I am using Datwrite Yellow DVD-R’s 8x. I have always found these reliable, but i have just formatted my PC and since then no joy.

Datawrite isn’t really good.
Try Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Maxell MIJ. :slight_smile:

Datawrite does not manufacture its own discs. It buys from random manufacturers which change from time to time. Unfortunately, DVD writers differentiate discs based on the manufacturer rather than the packaging. So what you used in the past that worked might have been entirely different stuff from what you have now, even though the discs look identical.

Also, the quality of the stuff Datawrite gets from its manufacturers isn’t very high either.

That is the reason why people recommend that you avoid these sorts of brands - you have no way of knowing what you are getting whenever you buy them.

What karangguni said :iagree:…I’d try the “safe” option - Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs. Usually both are well supported in firmware, and in fact my own 4163B loves them!

I’m guessing you don’t get an error log when the burns fail?