Can burn dvd but can't burn cd

I have a toshiba SD-R6572M drive and I started to have problems with burning cds. I use the same media I used to use and now when I start burning a cd the computer freezes. But it stills recognize cds, it just can’t burn them. Is there anything I can do to solve this or it might be a problem with my drive?

Do you have problems only with CD media or also with dvd media too?

Does it burn anything to the cd at all. Have you tried using different burning programs (imageburn). Try running a CD cleaning CD in the drive. Some softwares can also cause drives to lockup. If you have Sonic DLA or Nero’s INCD installed, you need to uninstall them.

Yes, I have problems only with cds. And it doesn´t burn anything at all to the cd. It’s kinda strange because I didn´t use to have any problems.

It could be a damaged burner.

DVD and CD media have separate lasers. If your drive have problems only with CD media but not with DVD, it could be a damaged optical pickup.