Can burn DVD BUT cannot burn CD...please help!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please forgive my stuttering on this one as this is my first post. I am FRUSTRATED!!!

I have two DVD burners installed in my system. Both can read CDs. Neither can write CDs. Both can read and write DVDs.

First one started acting up–not letting me write CDs, then the other stopped as well.

I bought an external Sony and the same thing! Can burn DVDs but not CDs. This MUST be software / OS related.

I have all the latest firmwares for the drives. I have all the latest drivers. My device manager indicates no problems. My “system inventory” tool indicates that all of these drives are capable of CD writing (as all DVD writers are).

What’s going on?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Alex and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

If you could start by telling us what the make and model number of these two internal burners are, plus the external Sony one’s model number - that would be a great help…

Secondly: what is this ‘system inventory tool’ that you have used…?

what os (operating system) your using?
what burnning software your using? and whats its version?
whats the error message you get when the burn fails?
if you use nero burn and click the save/save log button then copy & paste it (remove the serial # from the start of it before you do)

have you tried other branded discs? its possible the ones you have are defective or very low quality

I would also suspect media at first glance. :slight_smile:

As Easterbunny asked, what brand are the discs you’ve tried?

What brand and model is the first drive?