Can Burn but Cannot read after?

Hey guys I have a LG DVD burner and according to device manager and on the box it says its GSA - H10N. Nero info tool says it has firmware version of JL10.

So normal cds and dvds burns fine, but recently I bought this generic Dual Layer DVD and burned about 7 gigabytes of movie soundtrack mp3s. After burning, I was able to browse the disc and play some files. I ejected the disc but the next day my Computer cant seem to read it anymore. The icon on My Computer changes to “CD Drive.”

Also I tried inserting the dvd on my standalone dvd player that has mp3 support and it can play all the files just fine!

What do I do? Why cant my computer read it anymore?

BTW Im using Windows XP service pack 2.

The icon is a explorer quirk.

Update or uninstall the ide drivers, then restart.

But why dont I see the contents of the drive?

Ok I did that, uninstalled and reinstalled the IDE, even updated firmware to JL11.
My LG drive still cant read the dvd, and the dvd has absolutely no scratches on it. Still, my standalone tv-top dvd can read the disc.