Can burn anything but DVD+RW

I moved my DVD writer (Samsung SHW162C) from an old Pc to a new one. Formerly it worked perfectly. Now I can burn CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R but no DVD+RW (It used to using the same OS WinXPSP2, same burning software - NERO 6, and same Verbatim DVD+RW).
Moreover my drive appears in Win XP as a simple CD reader (Windows Media Player indicates that the system has no CD writer). I updated the DVD firmware and the motherboard BIOS with no result.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue ?

Don’t know. You might run Nero InfoTool and see what it says about your burner. You might post that along with the Nero error msg, and maybe the Nero log. Maybe the optical drives forum would be the place to post. Just be careful about cross posting.

I once had a problem where I couldn’t format a new DVD+RW but that was because I had it plugged into a special controller that was only designed for hard drives.

I’m not familiar with the Samsung, but I do like those Verbatim DVD+RW.

I should have mentioned this. If you can burn DVD+RW that have been burned previously, then I had the same problem. The only thing my burner wouldn’t do is burn a new DVD+RW. Already burned DVD+RW was no problem. This seems to be a fairly common problem.

You can see my post in this thread:

I didn’t see your post before I started my thread, but I think we have the same problem. Only thing I’d add to yours is that my laptop will recognize the burner (we have the same burner, by the way) from time to time after a reboot or hibernation. Anyway, sorry I created the extra thread, but I hope someone has some insights here. Thanks.