Can burn 90 min CDR wiht HP8200e?



Some 1 knows if can I burn 90 min cd’s with a hp8200e?
Kind of risk?


90 min CD’s?

Do they make 90 Min CD’s or are you talking about overburning? Please clarify.

If overburning I would check and see if your burner as well as your cdr software supports it.

My 2 cents, hope it helps.

Buck Wilde


Hi, It’s a Shinrai CD-R (A009) 90Min/850Mb.



About overburning, You should try! because trying won’t cost anything but if try to over burn too much then it can broke your burner! :wink:

I have mitsumi 4804TE and it support overburning over 120min! I can buy those 120min cd in regular shops but I think my burner can cross line! :wink:

So if Could be you I would try this!


I tried with Nero, HP8200e, and 90 min CD, let me record no more than 80 min.
It’s a shame…

Thxs all…


That Mitsumi CR-4804TE was one of the first (don’t know if there are more) that could burn that much! Friend of my also got it! And it’s CCD supported (RAW aswell), right!?