Can Boot from CDs, Cannot Boot from DVDs (Vista) with Samsung SH-S183A

I’m wondering if anyone has had any trouble booting from DVDs (Vista installation disc) with the Samsung SH-S183A. I booted and installed Windows XP x86 successfully, and I then intended to run x64 Vista, but I can’t boot my Vista DVD at all, even though in another computer the DVD worked fine. Everything’s set correctly in the BIOS (I wouldn’t have been able to install XP otherwise) and the drive actually spins up when it attempts to boot from CD, but after that it just continues to boot from the hard drives.

I wanted to use the x64 version of Vista, which is why I can’t run the setup routine within the Windows XP x86 environment.

Sorry guys, this seems to be a problem with the way my boot devices are set up. I’ve set the DVD drive to boot, but it still chooses to boot an old system drive first, rather than the DVD or even my Raid array - even though they are both set at higher priorities than the old system drive. Could be a problem with my motherboard or the way the drives are plugged in. I have my Raid array on SATA ports 1 & 2, the DVD drive on port 6, and the old system drive on port 5. I didn’t think it made any difference which number they’re plugged into as long as I’ve set the priorities correctly, though. Motherboard manufacturer is in my sig.