Can Bitsetting be added to NEC 2500a?

I just bought a NEC 2500a and though the drive works great it doesn’t do Bitsetting. I have 80 or so DVD+R blank DVDs but out of my 4 players in my home only 2 will play these DVDs.

I used to have an HP200i that does bitsetting and every DVD+R I recorded they all played on all 4 of my players. The booktype setting on these DVDs are DVD-ROM so I’m pretty sure thats what I need the NEC 2500a to do!!!

Questions are…Is it possible that a firmware change COULD add that function? Or is it just impossible due to hardware limitations?

Secondly, if it’s possible, is anyone actually working to add Bitsetting for the NEC 2500a drives?

And lastly, if someone is working on that, where can I send a donation?

I need to find some answers asap or I’ll need to exchange this drive and then either wait or get a Liteon 811s which does bitsetting.



Chances are, bitsetting support could be added with a firmware update, but this firmware update would probably have to come from NEC themselves, or through an OEM. If bitsetting is that important, then I’d recommend getting a drive that can do it.