Can BESTBUY cancel a non-bestbuy mail in rebate?

Here’s the story. I bought a PX-716a before xmas for $149.99 plus 10% off coupon, comes to $134.99+tax. It also comes with $30 mail in rebate.

This week the price went down to $129.99 with NO rebate, although we can find the rebate form @plextor website here or @newegg here, it says "offer good on purchase made between 1/1/05 through 3/31/05.

I wen’t back to bestbuy today and asked for price adjustment, also to consider the 10% off coupon applied previously. The lady called her supervisor and said:

  1. The 10% off coupon cannot be applied anymore since it was meant for a particular time frame. Duh… but cant complain.
  2. I can choose to keep the price on the receipt, which shows $134.99 and $30 rebate --> $104.99
  3. She can adjust to the current price $129.99 but she will cancel the rebate.
    Is it possible? Since the rebate form will be send to Plextor, not to bestbuy rebate center…

i bought an item at best buy, mailed in rebate, returned item (defective). they sent me snail mail saying item was returned, no rebate for you !!! these bastards have 2 much stuff in the puters. you know you don’t even need a receipt any more. give them your credit card and they will tell you what u bought there in the last 90 days… :eek:

If you’re going to attempt it you should copy the receipt now. Best Buy will make the original up with “returned” or “price matched” and then hand you a new receipt with the current date on it which will likely be outside of the eligibility period of the rebate.

if it is a plex rebate without the best buy stuff on it i think you are in the clear if it is a best buy rebate i think you are cockblocked

I’m sure it’s plextor rebate. Oh well, I’ll wait next week and see if bestbuy gives 30 mir in their price tag.

I can see BB doing that remember they don’t want the price hunter customer
If you think I’m lying take a look at what Brad Anderson, Best Buy’s chief executive had to say:
The customer is always right? Not anymore
Remember :Z BB sucks just buy stuff when its on sale if it isn’t walk out… I do. :bigsmile:

Yeah I read that a while ago. Also maybe I met the wrong rep. She is the one who charge me 40 cents when I returned a spindle with 1 disk used for testing. but she’s always there night and day… argh!

The Ohio Attorney General has taken Best Buy to court and now Office Max for those kind of pratices. (Not sending rebates or/or issueing rain checks) I’m now boycotting rebates and looking for “INSTANT SAVINGS” :iagree:

Joe :bigsmile: