Can be the drivers?

Hi, I ve read many post in some forums, and much of this post tells “the Plex 24 can burn the F.K.N Sd2 2.51.021” ok I try, and try one and other time and nothing. I follow the instructions, I change the Firmware, Aspis and the clone version9 or 10 times, etc. and nothin’

but I know about plex24 of diferent TLA and Firmware and this burners copy the SD2 2.51.021.

I read in some post somthing like this:

“is posible maybe what the drivers of the mother board be the problem to burn the SD 2.51.021”

please if somebody know about this please response my post.

I’ve a Intel 850 Motherboard, P4 1.4, Geforce2 mx 400, Segate Barracuda 7200 rpm Hard disk (ide 0 master), Lg DVD 16x (ide 0 slave) 256 ram Rimm Pc800, Plex24 Tla #0100 Firm 1.04 (Europe) (Ide 1 master).

one more thing, in the burner properties not appear the squad to enable the DMA mode, I be ran the Nero Infotool and indicate DMA mode OFF.

Thks, and Regards

The DMA check-box is not there cuz you probably have UDMA enabled :wink:

NO, the nero info tool indicate DMA off in the Ide 1 and enable in the Ide 0, only the Ide 0 have the DMA mode.

Regards. :o

I have the same drive and firmware as you and I have burnt a working copy of F.K.N. What software do you use to burn? I have the trusty CloneCD, I’m not sure about the setting I used but I don’t remember anything real special, cept I think I limited my read and write speed to 8x, I think. You should look into the further in the CloneCD forum. Also, if you can’t do it normally, use Beta Blocker, it never fails, with games I can’t copy with my Plextor and when I’m too lazy to switch to my other PC’s Lite-On 32x, I just first get an image (with cue sheet) of the CD with CCD, open BetaBlocker, drag it in, let it scan it and do its thing, then burn it, AWS doesn’t even need to be enabled this time and it works perfectly.
As for your other problem, I forgot but I think you have Intel Chipset right? I only have VIA, so I don’t know. But no matter what you have, just go to device manager, and for Win9x go to CD-Rom section and for WinXP go to ATA Controllers and go to Secondary Controller, that will lead you to both select DMA to be enabled/disabled and check what mode its in, alwayz its either in PIO or UDMA 2 for the Plextor 24x, and either PIO or UDMA 4 for my Pioneer 16 DVD.

Hope this helps