Can bad quality sounds destory sound card when they're played?

can bad quality sounds ruin the sound card when they’re played?

for example, i had an old pc game, it doesn’t work too well with my intergrated audio in my new motherboard, as a result i get all these load buzzzing and sizzleing and “SAAAAAAAAA” noises coming from my speakers, i was wondering if these kinds of noises could damage my intergrated auido ?

one time i install resident evil 2 on my friend’s pc, it mess up his sounds completely, whenever he listens to his songs there would always sound like an echo effect, first we change the speakers but that didn’t fix anything, we even uninstall windows adn format hardrive, but even after all that his sounds are still mess up, i feel really guilty, he too, uses intergrated sound on his mobo, so i’m worried if the same thing may happened to me.

please help, i greatly appreciate it.

please someone reply T_T

its such and odd question, i suppose the only thing that could cause damage is a high volume or a high frequency, however if the system is physically outputting it then it must be capable of that volume and frequency etc, how about just hitting the mute volume from within windows when you play that game?

i aint sure if this will help but … after u format and clean install windows … did u bother getting newest drivers for the sound card? … it’s probably a good chance the audio is AC97 if the pc is somewhat new… maybe this could possibly help.

hope this helps :wink: