Can bad dye be saved?



I have several dvd’s now that burn a few shows which I have watched before adding to the dvd. Then the disk will fail and there is usually a patch of darker dye==looks like a spot or skid marks and is usually quite small.

I assume this is a spot of bad dye that I would think only affects the area of the recording which is NOT the Table of Contents so I don’t know why the disk doesn’t play up to the bad sector and then freeze? Some other disks do this but typically I can’t detect any bad spots with the naked eye.

I have tried ISO Buster, Copy it Anyway, Virutal Dub, Tmpgenc, and other programs to copy the good sectors of the disk to the harddrive and I haven’t found a method to do this?

Could I put the disk on a lathe and take the disk down to a 3 ince diameter to save it or is there some other less physical approach? (Smile!)==thanks.


Erm, I don’t think the lathe will work (and a orbital sander won’t do either, so there’s plan B out of the window!).

Even though the TOC might be OK, your disc drive will do a CRC check on each file before processing any data.
If it can’t read the file it will either:

  1. keep trying until the cows come home or
  2. report an error.

There are programs that say they can recover damaged movies (such as DVD-Cloner), but I have never tried any.

Personally I would throw out that batch of discs (or take them back to wherever you bought them from) as I think the whole batch must be damaged.