Can attaching a label affect audio CDR performance?

:confused: I’ve been struggling as of late to burn non-skipping audio cds with my LG GCC-4320B CDR/RW DVD drive with Roxio 7 and Nero 6 at the available speeds of 32x, 16x and 8x, trying several locally available brands of media (lately TDK and Memorex…the latter I bought before reading this forum). I was ready to invest in a spindle of TY blanks but was curious why previously I had good results with Office Depot (Ritek) and CMC unbranded discs in the past without much fuss in the speed department. I noticed all of the older burns that didn’t skip in my car CD player had labels slapped on them, and the ones I made recently that were skipping were marked using a Maxell DiskWriter pen. So I burned an audio CD at 16x on TDK and stuck a label on it…it’s not skipping! Is this just coincidence or does the label provide some opacity or other effect? Hope this is not a silly question but it seemed to be the most obvious change I had made (not taking the time/resources to label the audio CDs). Thanks in advance.

Normally, it’s the labels that cause problems. The fact that it worked with the label is probably coincidence.

Do you have both Nero and Roxio and the same machine? That can cause conflicts that can affect burning.


have to agree with dirty robot feet my experience with cd labels is they can cause problems in some drives and players by causing disc unbalance
most modern players and discs have no problems with playing discs with labels on ( be aware if a label lifts of the disc in the machine it will cause mega problems) sorry i cannot give a reason for your player to play discs with labels on better than without be sure to update this thread if you find out :confused:

Does writing on the disc with a specially made marker (Maxell Diskmarker) hurt performance or create any degradation?

What you are looking at here is an underlying incompatability between your car player and CDR’s. Certain media types will play better, and you may also find that weird things like labels and markers also affect it. But the real problem is the player. Clean it, and try going back to the Ritek. Maxell is the best source for Ritek if you can’t buy generic. TDK may be Ritek or CMC, Memorex could be anything. Your older Ritek may be the earlier “Ritek-G” (32x-40x) dye which is different from the current “Ritek-TG” (48x-52x) media.

In japan Fuji Audio CD-Rs (Axia Brand) are slightly heavier than DATA CD-Rs from Fuji (both types are made by TY). Some Car Players like heavy discs. Its also believed that if the disc is heavier youll get better audio quality during Playback.
It could be that by attaching the Labels, thus making the discs heavier, has an influence on Playback. My Car audio never had problems with normal CD-Rs from Fuji but from about a weak ago it only takes Fuji AUDIO CD-Rs.
Also something I experienced with my Playstation is that after the pickup got weak my copied games would not play. But when inserting my copied game disc into the PS and put another CD-R over it and then close the lid the game plays fine.
So i would say that because of labeling the discs they got heavier and made them easier to play in your Car Audio system. The only problem with labels is that they can destroy the balance the disc.

Well I see it more different why labels can work positive. Some cheaper media is very poor balanced. While a label normally screws up the ballancing the inpact of the label on the disc might actually rebalance it to ussable.
Note that this one was proven to work.
So on good media don’t use labels normally however on cheap stuff well it might actually fix some problems if your faceing them.

The balancing positive effect of labels was actually proven to exist.
(Just like the unbalancing but that one is much more known !)

Have not had any trouble with using labels on good quality CDR’s. They always playback fine.

I’ve never had a problem with labels on CD-R. Always used CD-Stomper labels myself. :wink: I don’t know, but I’d certainly assume that the brand of label may have a significant impact.


The methode and the qualtity of lable both have impact.
In other words good label but with a poor system of putting it on is still bad.