Can Anyone Tell When Alcohol 120% Will Release A New Version

Can Anyone Tell When Alcohol 120% Will Release A New Version
1.9.5<2 Or Something Any Idea…
Will This One Copy Starforce Protection???

Who knows… when its ready no doubt :slight_smile:

Some time this year probebely.

Very soon (in February for sure). Believe me.


No program can create 1:1 copy’s of StarForce 3 protected cd’s not even the fantastic Alcohol 120%.

It can copy StarForce right now, but it’s not possible to burn the image in most cases. Also, it’s very hardware dependent. Have a look in topic called ‘StarForce 3.07.013 New Version’ in this forum section for more details.

but Will The New Version`s Mds-f File Can Be Playable Like Prince Of Persia Or Splinter Cell???

We don’t know yet. With Alcohol you just have to wait and see.

I’m pretty sure new version will have an updated Daemon Tools’ virtual drive drivers with x64 support, some bugfixes, and most likely a pre-mastering function.

A new retail version will be released within the next 12-24 hours. This time they won’t be releasing a trial one to ‘give retail users an advantage over trial users’.

Well guys a new version of Alcohol 120 is available now for download for all purchased users of this software. The new version number is As stated above, trial version is not available (at least for now).

whats new?

UPDATE Virtual Drive engine.

UPDATE Alcohol Command Launcher and Shell Extension Context Menu to support image files with Unicode file names.

UPDATE Language translations

FIX a rare incompatible problem with some external racks (Firewire and USB) while burning media.

ADD Support for more devices, you can find more detailed information on our development page at

FIX some minor bugs reported by users.

ADD Win64Bit compatibility.

FIX DEP (Data Execution Prevention) conflict problem.

UPDATE 9 Improved. DPM for DVD media.

ADD Upgrading system

ADD log timestamp as the format user has set in their system.

UPDATE Help Files

ADD Selected speed logging during dumping image

UPDATE Improved readingwriting engines

is it still based on the same driver as D-Tools?

What’s wrong with DT? Yes, it still uses DT’s VD and will use only it according to the developers.

i didn’t say it was wrong.