Can Anyone Tell Me What's Wrong?



Hi Guys/Girls,

I got a new problem i cant get my head around.
I use DVD Shrink + Nero Ultra Version 6 and i read and burn with my Sony DRU 700A writer. My problem is some of my back-ups are experiencing sound fade but there are a lot of coincidences which has screwed my self-diagnosis right up!

Firstly, the back-ups that are consistantly affected are series 1,2 and 3 of the BBC comedy ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, the sound fade is terrible!
But when backing up my ‘Star Trek Voyager’ it doesnt happen - well it did but only once or twice just very briefly that you wouldnt even notice.

I had ‘Alien vs Predator - The Movie’ delivered today and that backed-up without sound fade at all! I just hate the un-reliability of the situation…

the discs i use are tuff-disc 8x DVD+R i bought 100 hundred of the buggers common sense tells me it’s probably these. I changed brand as the last ten memorex i bought failed (the 50 before burned lovely- TY code) just a bad batch i guess but the shop had no more to replace so i bought the tuffdisc.

Then before burning these i upgraded my firmware from VY06 to VY08, then up-graded nero from 5.5 to 6 Ultra ( is when the sound fade started i have now upgrade nero to v6.6.0.8 i then burned AvP-the movie but i havent burned enough to make sure this is the problem (avp is the first since upgrade).

Sorry about the life story but has anyone had similar experiences? or know the answer…Please help!!!

Many thanx,


Try DVD Decryter and Nero Recode.



Thanx for your reply, ill try it and get back when ive got a new disc i wanna back-up and i’ll let you know how it went…