Can anyone tell me what these jiggles in a transfer rate test are?

This is Yuden000T02 burned at 12x. What are the jiggles? I attempted to remove them by installing different IDE drivers (didn’t do a thing), and changing BIOS IDE driving strength from normal to strong, and it also didn’t do a thing.

These jiggles exist on every disk from 2 different batches of the same media, with varying amounts at different burn speeds. But everyone else for the most part seems to have smooth fluid lines.

Interesting… I have made the jiggles go away… but I have to figure out which item it was… I changed:

-ide cable.
-pci from 64 to 32
-to master from CSEL

Time to experiment and find out which it was…

Your jiggles consist of little dips immediately followed by little peaks. I think the dip means that the PC was for a very short time unable to cope with the data from the drive, but apparently the data was buffered somewhere and could be read immediately after the dip resulting in the little peak.
I also get these when producing IDE load during a transfer scan (even for a perfect disc) and I think there’s nothing to worry about. Do you see the dip/peaks at different positions along the discs if you repeat the scan?

I don’t know… they seem fairly consistent… but I have ruled out the following:

-wasn’t PCI latency
-wasn’t master from csel in a single drive setup
-wasn’t the IDE cable

I have reconnected the NEC as master w/ the LITEON CDRW as slave as it was before, the only difference being the new cable and the jaggies are back!!

Therefore, the logical conclusion here is that the liteon is at fault… must try making it slave and the nec master via jumper to see if interference is happening somehow.

Sigh… well this sucks… I made everything a master or slave jumper rather than the CSEL which I like so well for it’s ease of use.

It did nothing. The problem is the LITEON is doing something on the channel, even though it doesn’t have a disc in the drive at the moment… I don’t entirely understand.

Maybe things should be changed around so the liteon is the master on the channel and the NEC the slave… or the liteon the master on the primary channel and the hd slave… but that defeats the purpose of having opticals by themselves.

Too bad there is no easy way to flip the drives around without unscrewing and rescrewing.

I’ve always though IDE cables were designed poorly. Don’t the duall channel round IDE cables allow you to swap either around without having to twist the cable about? If not then they should allow that. Just like you can do with power supply cables.

I switched the drives around… it didn’t make a difference. The only difference really is that the nec might have been a bit quieter due to the tighter fit in the bottom bay… I probably will leave it as it is as it’ll probably get used more.

Curious really. I never expected that an ATAPI device would cause struggles. I don’t really want to put the litey with the hard drive.