Can anyone tell me what firmware I need for this Lite-On DVD drive?

Well at first I thought it was these ones: , but now my drive doesn’t work. It could be coincidentally, because I think something might be broken physically and I plan on RMAing it, but before I do I want to make sure it’s not just because the firmware is for the wrong drive.

I ordered it from NewEgg, and on my Invoice this is what is listed: DVD|LITE ON 16X LTD-163/LTD-165 RTL.

I know I know, I should’ve backed up the firmware before I flashed, but nothing we can do about that now. Anyways, before I flashed, in device manager it simply said “Lite-On 165H” something like that I think. But now it say JLMS DVD-ROM 165H… I’m thinking that maybe that’s why it’s not working, although again it could be that the drive is physically broken.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ahhh great, just found the box… I think it’s the LTD-163. So of course using 165H would have messed it up. I’ll try the 163 firmware from JLMS website.

Ok I got it working I think.


Calm down, take a deep breath, think. :bigsmile:

Hehe solved in half an hour with no intervention at all :bigsmile: