Can anyone tell me what DVD movie is over 8 Gigabytes?



I want to backup some of my Xbox 360 games by doing the swap method but I need a DVD movie that is over 8 gigabytes capacity to do this so I need to know does anyone know of the name of any DVD movie that is over 8GB DVD region2?


Aren’t most all of them anymore on DL media?


Yes they are all on DL media but they are mostly 7 gigabytes I am looking for a movie that I can buy that is over 8 gigabytes.


i believe shindlers list doesnt leave much space…


the biggest in my collection is king kong

it shows as 8,467,677,184 bytes
which wnds up at 7.88 or so GB since 1024bytes in a kb and so on and so forth.

maybe one of the godfather movies?

i can check my LOTR discs.


LOTR - return of the king special edition is 8,525,676,544 bytes or 7.94 GB

(i’m R1, but i imagine R2 discs would be similar for these longer movies…)


oh… maby not… schlindlers list is 7.27 gb


can you just create a dummy disc?

use dvdshrink or a simlar program to join 2 movies together and burn that to DL media?

or does ithave to be a pressed disc?


There are no DVDs that are over 8 gb, or at least not in “real” gb. A DL DVD holds about 8,540,000,000 bytes, which is about 7.95 gb. Also, this thread has nothing to do with backing up DVD movies, so I’m moving it.