Can Anyone Tell Me How To Burn A Movie I Put In My Harddrive Back Onto A Cd-r?

I copied a movie from a 700mb cd-r onto my harddrive and now everytime(using nero)i try to put it back onto a 700mb cd-r it won’t fit for some strange reason.Can anyone please explain what is going on and give me some advice on how to get round this.thanks

Are you trying to put the movie back on a CD via the normal Data CD mode in Nero.

If that is the case, it won’t fit.

Use the VCD CD Type & then add the file to the project.

I take it that this movie that you are speaking of is an SVCD. And that you are trying to put it back as a standard data cd (i.e. iso) this will not work for most SVCD’s seeing that the mpeg file is for the most part larger than 700 megs, but there is hope. Find the mpeg file in the layout and burn it useing nero as an SVCD and you should be finished. I know that my Mpeg2 files for SVCD or normally about 795 megs.

I don’t know about SVCDs but the .DAT files in a VCD are always greater than 700 mb. They are many times 780 - 830 MB.

You can burn these files in a 80-min CD-R easily with selecting the VCD option in the Nero Selection Dialog.

You cannot burn this file as a standard ISO data CD.