Can anyone solve the problem im having please?



couple days ago i purchased a usb 2.0 cardbus for my laptop and i was burning at a good 4x but now all of the sudden the speed is like 0.2x and taking like 8 hours why is that?? is it the burner? i have the mad dog 16x external. and i use dvd decrypter 3.5.2. and another weird thing is when i minimize the dvd decrypter the speed increases up to aleast 1.1x. is it the program? so i switched back to the laptops 1.1 usb and it use to take like 1 hour 20 min but now its over 2 hours. what could the problem be??could it be the cardbus,laptop,burner or the program??? it was working perfect yesterday. anyone knows whats up??? thank you


please help me. the cardbus was working perfect yesterday. could it be the cardbus?? i just tried to burn again and its going super slow speed is like 0.2x almost 10 hours. anyone know whats up???