Can anyone recommend?

i own an LG DVD±R dual layer (I can’t recall the model right now because i’m not at home, but it’s a standard DVD-R). i’m burning on verbatim media, and my computer is p4 2.0ghz with 512 RAM, running win xp pro sp2, and i’m using nero (i’m pretty sure that’s my version…it suppose to be the latest v6) on x4 speed (where x16 is the maximum).

the problem is that when i backup files, and then try to retreive them back, sometimes I can’t copy back the data to my hard drive (CRC errors for example when i’m trying to copy a 700mb movie). I don’t have any programs running on the background when i burn, so it can’t be the problems.

my data is very important for me, so first of all, if you have any solutions before I buy a new DVD-R i’d like to hear.

and if the solution is to buy a new DVD-R, which reliable DVD-R would you recommend??



I have an LG Dual Layer and in similar situation like you couple months ago. After getting the Pioneer 111D, everything solved. I even run anything I need while burning and there’s no single failure after burning over 100 DVD/CD so far. I also use Nero which is the latest of Version 6.

the problem i have is not disk failures, but after burning is “successful” some data is not always readable…

Are you saying that you had successfully read some of the data on the burned DVD while some data can’t be read ? If you burn the DVD in Simulation mode then nothing is written to the disc.