Can anyone recommend Usenext ? Safe to use?

Can anyone recommend Usenext? They are offering a 14 day free trial and then its $12.69 a month.

First they say the price is for 10 months, and there is no commitment to renew. They also say no one has access and no one can see your files or internet address unlike P2P.

“$12.69*/9.95 Euro per month - for a period of 10 months and get access to 10 Gigabytes download volume for each month. I understand that I may cancel at any time, such that my subscription is not renewed upon expiry.”

Is it worth it? Or is there something better out there? Thanks in advance

Yeah right. Tell that to the feds.

Is it worth it? Or is there something better out there? Thanks in advance
I dunno, Giganews perhaps?

Giganews is great, but it’s usually way too expensive for most people’s service requirements.

For a block account - i.e something where you buy a block of bandwidth (usually a multiple of Gigabytes) which allows you to download what you like when you like, without a monthly limit or subscription charge - you might try [B][/B] or [B][/B]

Usenet-news is a little bit more expensive, but has longer retention than astraweb at 70 days (though Astraweb still downloads out to 35 days, despite saying it only has 25 days of binaries on the servers). Usenet-news also has SSL access on its european server, if you’ve got a binary downloader which supports it.
At Astraweb there’s the option of taking an ‘unlimited’ download account. I’d [B][U]strongly[/U][/B] advise against this, as it has its bandwidth traffic-shaped - although, there’s no mention of this fact on the site. The block accounts [B][I]do not[/I][/B] have this hampering.

And for the record, I’ve used all 3 and found the block account places to offer the best price/download abilities, unless you have an uncapped VERY high speed internet connection, and mountains of disk space to store things on.

But don’t forget to check if your ISP already has usenet server access. You might save yourself a load of cash, if you find it meets your needs.

If you still decide to go for a paid service, you can usually augment your downloading bandwidth by offsetting some of the download threads to your ISP’s usenet server (have a look in your binary newsreader’s settings to check if you can run more than one server concurrently).

Once you use usenet to grab binary files, you’ll never look back. :slight_smile:

Did some comparison, Giganews has a page mentioning about the DCMA and copyright issues and will of course comply with Court Orders. Yet the other “services” say nothing about DCMA and copyright. Sounds like Giganews will drop a dime on its subs at a moments notice…does not sound that safe as one would think… I’m not well versed with the usenet , I need to read further into this.

Also can the newsreader “Grabit” be used with other usenets or just with “Grab it” portal?.. Grabit it has their own usenet entry portal. Speaking of newsreaders, most of the ones I checked out are trial or try before you buy.

Is there any suggestions on which newsreader to use … for free? Thanks again.

XNews. It’s old but free and is good at decoding binaries. A google will pull it up.

Newshosting is the best.
It is only $14 a month unlimited downloades with a 70 day retention, or you can try it for 3 days at $3.But you would need to install newsleacher that is free to try for 30 days, or gigabite that is free but not as good.

Check out: it might help with the comparison’s.

Many people see Usenext as a scam - I woouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. Usenetserver are a good newsgroup provider - use the free software Grabit to download and decode binaries.