Can anyone recommend me a good software to burn DVD movies from avi's, mpeg's, etc?


I am trying to burn several .avi’s, .mpeg’s, etc. into a DVD to watch over the TV.

I have used Nero but it always creates errors at the end of burning. I tried to lower the burning speed but it always fails.

Can anyone recommend me a good software to do such thing?


Are you trying to convert the avi and mpeg files into dvd compliant format? Or are you simply burning to a disk as data files and playing on a dvd player that can handle avi files by itself?

If you are converting there are many different choices. ConvertXtoDVD is a popular program on these forums, but is not free. FAVC is a free conversion program, and should produce better results than Nero Vision. You then burn the resulting dvd video onto a disk with ImgBurn.

The problems in the burn portion could be from many different causes. Do you have the log file from Nero? It should show what was going on.

Check to make sure dma is enabled for your drive. And tell us what burner, and what blank media you are using.

DVD Flick is free.
ConvertXtoDVD (as Kerry mentioned) and 1Click DVDMovie are two decent commercial programs also.

SVCD2DVD is another great one that I use.

Ok I like to use the latest version of Nero Ultra Edition. It has a ‘Recode Directly to DVD’ option. It works great. You also get to make movie menus with scene selection screens. Give it a go. You can either buy it or…of course download it. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Have Fun!