Can anyone recommend a usenet?

Reading through the forum I continually come across the recommendation to use ‘usenet’ rather than the host of ‘opportunities’ out there.
Is there a proven usenet for my hard won $$$ - it appears that they all want a 12 month subscription - not a problem if they are legit and good.
many thanks in advance

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I’ve not tried them, but I was thinking of getting a 25Gb “taster” when my ISP news server fell apart even more than usual.
Sounds good, if you are not going to download more than 25GB in a month, especially as the credits do not expire, and headers do NOT count towards your quota.

Since I wasn’t even doing 5Gb/month on my ISP server, that is still a plan I like the look of, as my ISP server is very limited in coverage - about time I splashed the price of a couple of computer mags on trying it.

Given that I would not expect to get close to 25Gb/month (on a low speed broadband), then if it performed ok, I’d stick to the “pay by download” plans - and this seems to be one of very few providers that offer this approach.

I personally use Teranews. They give good value for the money, carry all the newsgroups and have decent retention. They have a “free” account where you pay $3.95 once and get 50MB per day forever. You can use it to try it out. If you like, you can upgrade later. You can also sign up monthly but it is cheaper if you go for the 6 month plan.

I’ll get credit of you use my referral link:

Here are a few others:

I use Teranews because if you get one of their by-day plans you really get more downloads and I personally prefer by-day download limits. For instance, say you get the Teranews 250MB per day plan for $8/month… That is really 7.5GB/month for $8/month when you come to think of it. If you get their 750MB/day, you are getting 22.5GB/month for $12/month. Whereas Giganews, for instance, only gives you 10GB/month for $12/month. Easynews provides excellent service (I’ve used it before) and has a good deal at 20GB/month for $10/month. But if you get a 6month plan Teranews gives you 22.5GB/month for $10/month ($60/6 months). A couple of years back Easynews was not quite providing access to all groups but they gave access to most. Their retention was a little bit better than Teranews’ back then.


So Astraweb is really giving unlimited downloads for $10/month? That seems too good to be true. There must be a catch. Do they have crappy retention or a poor newsgroup selection? - what they SAY sounds good, though 99% completion leaves room for a lot of almost completes.

The $10 service (unlimited) has a speed limit, recently raised from 600k to 1Mbit, but somehow, I think they would cry foul if you ran it constantly, 24 hours a day, for a theoretical maximum of 324GB per month.

It does sound too good to be true, and I recall that where I did see some comparison, they were not one of the top performers, nor the worst.

I found this site yesterday…check it out.

You learn more about binary newsgroups and downloading binaries from the usenet at:

which is a tutorial on using the binary newsgroups


I’ve been with for 2 years and they have been very good, dont know about customer service as ive never needed to contact them.

However is a different story, bunch of scam artists and theives i was with them for a few months in 2004.
awefull service, groups kept reseting, if you search on the net you will find countless reports about the useless “free” (well $3.95 hows that free?) service.

I cancled my account with them in may 2004, they still try and take money 2 years later and currently owe me nearly $200 and wont respond to the countless emails ive sent…

That’s what PAR2 files are for. I’ve never had any problems completing downloads.

I’m with Giganews. The unlimited download plan runs $24.99 a month, and allows 10 concurrent connections. I use it mainly for international radio broadcasts. My top speed (on cable!) has been 8.6Mbps (1.08MBps) – and averages 8.0Mbps. It’s reliable, and they don’t have any minimum time commitment. Also, they have cheaper plans, but I don’t think those allow the 10 connections.

Hope this helps.

Giganews would be the best, long retention rate and it has the best completion rate, very good downloading speed, I give it 2 thumbs up.