Can anyone recommend a PCI firewire card?

I need a firewire card for computer but just don’t know which one I should get. Newegg has many via and nec chipset cards. Doesn’t TI make one too? Which chipset is the best? Thanks for your help.

I have TWO of them - one for each machine - they ROCK!

erm - that thing is equipped with some ALi chipset? Then I would avoid such under all circumstances :Z
I’d prefer NEC for USB and TI (or NEC) for firewire, VIA firewire controllers aren’t bad either.


Yeah, mine is VIA. Haven’t given it a spin yet though…:slight_smile:

Works perfect for me. No drivers needed.

But hey, to each their own. :slight_smile:

The ADS Pyro 1394 cards I believe have the TI chipset, at least mine did. I got in off of ebay (new in box), with adobe premiere 6.5, for $19.99. Not easy to find at that price, but if you wait, it will come! :slight_smile: