Can anyone recommend a LCD Monitor for a Gamer?

I’m looking for a thin LCD monitor to replace my aging 17" CRT. I was wondering if anyone could recomend a good LCD monitor 17 or 19" for a gamer. I’ve heard that the ghosting problem has gone away, and I’ve heard it will always exist for LCD monitors. I’m not sure what to believe. I’m probably going to get it from newegg…so if you would like to look through thier selection and help me out…I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hmm… Take a look at Samsung SyncMaster 172X, seems to be a good TFT monitor in general.

A few reviews:


This is a “mini-review” I did on the 20.1" Viewsonic VP201B. It’s turned into a very large thread, with tons of info. and user experiences.

EDIT: I didn’t notice (at first) that you are wanting either a 17" or 19". Also, you are going to want to get a LCD with a 16ms response time (or lower), so you don’t have any ghosting.

That monitor looks awesome, but a tat bit more than I wanted to spend. I’m having a hard time choosing between a NEC and the Samsung.

I would probably lean towards the Samsung if it were me, but I know it’s hard to decide. Do you have a BestBuy, Circuit City, etc… near you? If so, I would go try some of them out, and then go home and place your order :bigsmile:.

I’ve done some searching, and you might look at the Samsung 710N or 712N. (712N is retail version) It’s got a 12ms response time, which is very nice.:iagree: Info. on the Samsung 710/12 N Hope that helps.

New generations of Samsung LCD monitors are comint to the market soon. Especially of recently, there have been some great leaps for Samsung. The first or second or third generation of Samsung (CRT) monitors couldn’t be compared to the quality of Nanao, Sony, NEC, Viewsonic, etc. The latest Samsung models and even HDTV seem good enough to attract Sony. Half of the outputs of S-LCD go to Sony. The other half of course to Samsung.

For myself, I don’t need LG or Samung. They are too expensive here. Right now, I’m using a 14-inch Dataview (DAVI) LCD monitor. 1024*768 resolution, but still a lot better image and text quality than the 21-inch CRT monitor from KDS next to it. I also have a 19-inch Samsung LCD and a 20-inch NewQ LCD whose panel was made by LG-Philips LCD.

For now, 17-inch LCD monitors supporting DVI and 12801024 seem most cost-effective. Not one, but using two units on a PC make it up to 25601024 resouution and the total cost would still be under US$500. An LG or Samsung LCD monitor priced 4-5x more doesn’t have that many pixels.