Can anyone recomend a recorder that burns errors?



i recently bought a plextor 8x20ti and was kinda pissed off when i found out that my old ricoh 6201s (2x) did a better burning errors. the only software the plextor works good with is clonecd. which is okay. i like to be diversified though. in all other programs the plextor WILL NOT burn errors for me. i tried all firmware versions too. so, does anyone know of a burner that burns errors in programs other than clonecd. i currently have the teac 532s reader, plextor 8x20ti, and a pair of ricoh 6201s drives (love em, can burn almost anything, only at 2x though).


The Mitsumi 4804 TE is an excellent writer that will write errors.


i have a ricoh MP6200S, and it can burn errors no prob. 2x, but errors! thats something my yamaha doesnt do 4416S or SAF 2206S dont do, so take the 2x and burn the errors, i guess. i dunno if you can handle the 2x speed, but it is a good drive.


My Teac will also do the trick but burn at low speed…



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try a philips cd writer they only burn error :slight_smile:


try some burner from

the are always in to sc#$%@# up a CD


“The Mitsumi 4804 TE is an excellent writer that will write errors.”

i agree i have mitsumi 4804 and its very good. and has a good price too

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to xian, that was funny(sarcastic)…considering that half of the newer philips drives are actually yamaha drives…and everyone (should) know how good yamahas are!