Can anyone provide DRU-190A .bin firmware file?

I’m looking to crossflash my Sony DRU-190A back to a Sony (it’s now flashed as a Liteon DH-20A3P, and is not quite cooperating in my Liteon DVD recorder). However I didn’t save the firmware file when I crossflashed it, and I can’t find any file that’ll work to flash it back.

If you have a DRU-190A, flash_utility will extract the firmware in the right format.

Thanks for any help!

You really should have saved the firmware before flashing. Not that many people even have DRU-190A drives, so you might be outta luck (most of the 20A3 rebadges have been Optiarcs). Here’s a link to downloadable firmware, and you can try and see if it works with the flash utility:

[QUOTE=negritude;2164521]You really should have saved the firmware before flashing.[/QUOTE]

I know :frowning:

I already tried the file from the Sony site and flashfix says the size is wrong… and the flashfix’ed file won’t crossflash. Oh well…

FlashFix does not work on newer firmwares. Have you tried the Flash Utility from on the latest Sony Firmware? It states it works on unscrambled exe files as well as bin files.

Read your PM.

[QUOTE=ala42;2166000]Read your PM.[/QUOTE]

Got it - thanks much!