Can anyone print PDFs to a Microboards PF-Pro?

With my Microboards Print Factory 2 I was able to print onto discs from pdf files and Adobe reader. This suited my workflow really well, as I do most design stuff on a Mac.

My new Print Factory Pro won’t let me do this, so I’m stuck with the bundled Surething design software.

Anybody managed this?


Don’t know if this helps, but most any PDF can be saved as a JPG in PDF software. They use similar compression and the conversion is pretty good.

Thanks for that CDan – I’ve now converted a few designs to Jpeg from Illustrator. Now to get to work and convert the rest!

Hi Cumlie - what ink to you run in your PF Pro - do you have a CISS (Continuous ink system) or use re-fills?

Hi Hooperap
I just buy in the 4 Microboards cartridges as and when need. The whole system is pretty economical on ink, compared to my PF2.

Is anyone refilling the individual ink cartridges or using some kind of CISS on their Microboards pro system ?.. we are thinking of adding a couple. How do you find it working for you ? any problems ?. I would sure like to talk to someone that has experience with Microboards… My experties are in Rimage equipment.
Does anyone know of some good forums on microboards and modifications for cheaper ink costs ??

In order to print PDF’s with the Microboards PF-Pro printer you will need to have Adobe Illustrator. You can open the pdf in Illustrator and print. There are a few boxes you need to check. Call my office if you need any help. Ask for Kevin - 952.944.0083 x-22.

Bump - “Is anyone refilling the individual ink cartridges or using some kind of CISS on their Microboards pro system ?..” or CIS on a Verity, Endurajet - All Pro Solutions Printer. They are all the same based on HP18 and 88 Inks.


This thread led me to do a little searching on an automated DVD printer, we were going to get a rimage machine but ended up with a Microboards PF-Pro.

Since it was this forum that got me moving on that particular machine I thought I would post back what we ended up with.

We now have a fully automated Microboards PF-Pro with a Bulk Continuous Inking System on it. We purchased the machine locally as soon as we found the inking systems available and we have since installed the CISS. The machine and the System has been running now for about a month and it is outstanding.

Thanks for the pointing out the microboards machine, glad we stumbled across this thread.
Anyone interested in the CISS we purchased it from