Can anyone post the error codes?

Fab Gold Core 406
Getting: failed when writing DVD (2005)
Using Season Disc copying for two episodes from one DVD.
3798 MB of files. New Taiyo Yuden discs.
Can anyone post the list of errors that used to be available on dvdidle’s forum for Gold and Express?

I have them printed out and may have saved them at work. Since I am a 2 finger typer, I will not attempt to post all but will send them to anyone if I did save them. Also will answer individual error codes as requested on forum.
I have both Express and Gold so anyone requesting needs to specify which version. For yours:

Gold “2005 // Files are too big to fit on a DVD +/- R(W).”

I would check to see size of DVD which I think is default 4200 as you seem to be within what can be burnt to a DVD the size may have been changed. I remember Fengtao saying having smaller sizes results in fewer bad burns. I seem to remember 3700 being a size choice too.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Mack
In Gold, I don’t see a place to change the setting for dvd size. In Express, it is set for 4472.
Do you have the error codes in a format that can be emailed to me? Or can you scan a page and send it as a jpg? If so, I could retype them in a post for this forum.

I think I have them in a saved file at work, but it will be Monday before I go back to work they are several pages that I printed from the forum in the printable version of topic There are 6 pages of Gold, & 2 for Express. I could fax or see if can scan them, but need to hook up a scanner. You are using the VSO burning engine, right.


Yes, I am using VSO engine. I just tried to back up Alexander across two DVDs and got the same error. The “split title menu” said there was 3.85GB on Disc 1 and 3.6GB on Disc 2. I’m very new to this stuff and this program. Is there something I’m missing? I tried the free DVDAnywhere trial on the first dvd that was giving me trouble and it copied it compressed to one disc with no problem.

Well, I may have solved the 2005 error code problem. I didn’t have the delete files box checked. Fab Gold created a sub folder woth the new files and I think was trying to fit 2 movies onto 1 disc.
Oh well, Live and learn…and learn…and learn…
Thanks Mack

Shmoosma, glad you figured it out. As you have also probably figured out…gold will not compress…period, whereas express will automatically compress if necessary (ie., if the file is larger than 4.37 GB or DL burning is enabled). Having undeleted files - full or partial is a fairly common error with this software.


Hey Tom:

Good to see you again. I have the error codes but found a way to access some of the pre-darkee posts. Do search on google and opt to open the cached page. Looks like we will be using this forum for awhile. I hope that all problems can be resolved. PM still works on Fab forum and I have received a couple of requests over there. We are stronger with your input.


Thanks Mack, I plan to be around. Thanks also, for the tip on the cached page.


I now have the error codes in saved printable HTML format for Gold and Express. PM me if you need them. They were on my computer at work.