Can Anyone Point Me To A Dvd Decrypter Guide Pls

Trying to find a Decrypter guide to no avail, pls refer me to a link . . .thx :bow:

Try this site, go to guides, and input dvd decrypter.

it would also help to know what you are trying to back up

you need to register for the official forums but there’s a whole section of guides:

I´m trying to back up a “adult” movie, wich as far as I can tell, doesn´t have any kind of protection, and it plays back normmally, tried Nero Recode but nothing also.

and Decryptor can’t rip it and Shrink can’t transcode it? what have you tried, if anything, other than Recode?

well then if it is 4.3 gb or smaller just go to mode/iso/read and the click on file/decrypt and the mode/iso/write if it is bigger then that you will have to shrink or get rid of the extras or something to make it fit