Can anyone let me Know how RMA's work



Can anyone let me Know how RMA’s work…I got to return my bad Benq to Newegg and don’t quite understand… Thanks!


I will have to RMA my BenQ also, only thing differnt is that I live in Netherlands…
have contactede tech support desk via e-mail, goo response indeed…

person redirected me to RMA service, but will contact RMA support here tomorrow, cos today and yesterday I was not in NL…


Login with your user information, choose the order which has the item you want returned or exchanged. It will guide you from there and provide detailed instructions on how to send stuff back to them. You will get an email when they receive the item and another when they either issue credit or send a replacement.


you can also give them a call and they will walk you through it.

damn another newegg 1620 return.

i know all about that with 2 of them i returned to them.

make sure you have everything too or they will charge you for what’s missing.


just sen’t my 1620 back, first I e-mailed them, next day I phoned because of no
e-mail reply, they were very helpfull and talked me through every thing, e-mail reply came four days after, telling me to call the RMA help desk.


I guess this would be the forum to post that question…

Man, this is ridiculous, I have bought milk that’s lasted longer than some of these drives. I’m just glad mine is hanging on…crazy sheet…



I too have RMA’ed a 1620 back to Newegg-

If within THIRTY days of shipping - they will give you your money back-

After THIRTY days of shipping - your ONLY recourse is with BenQ directly (Newegg will not help you here)-

The very best is to call their Customer Service (GREAT folks!!) and work with them-

Good Luck-



no newegg will help for a year (replacement only)



Not the BenQ 1620 - they say very pointedly - in the product description on the web page - that all recourse is with the manufacturer (after 30 days - I found out from their Customer Service folks)



i’ll find that out for my self (email sent to them just now)


Thanks for your responses everybody i appreciate it. Big mike was right.Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Yo jef195-

Glad to have been a help to you-

Are you going to get your money back?



no newegg will warranty my benq 1620 and Nec 3540/3520 for 30days (refund) and 1 year (replacement)

i sent the invoice and sales order numbers for each and the reply is the same in both emails

hell even my ddw82 that was bought in october 2004 is still warranteed (sp?)

but this only applies to burners that don’t have this message

This item is warranted through the product manufacturer only.

all my burners didn’t have that note so they’re good. gotta love the egg.

so topic author did your burner have that note when ya bought it?

---------------Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting Newegg. Please kindly note we have 30 days
refund and one year replacement warranty for this item you are referring
to from the date of original invoice.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please visit our FAQs

Thank you,

Newegg Customer Support

  • Tel: 800-390-1119
  • Fax: 909-395-8907

Please include all prior email correspondence in your reply so that we
may better serve you and provide you with a more timely response.---------------


Naa. Im just gonna switch to a NEC Drive Hoping for a better expeience.


Just called RMA helpdesk Netherlands today, and gave me an ID code, as well as an address to send my drive to :slight_smile:

just went to the post office to send it…
Now I am hoping what the BenQ support dept. will send me as a replacement for my defective DW1620…


Good Luck on it mindwarper


had mine back today after ten days away, oem with B7N9 firmware.Delt with Benq direct and they were more than helpfull, the fault seam’t like an after thought, easiest RMA i’ve delt with!


and this one:

Well funny thing is the drive I sent back today to BenQ RMA, had original B7N9 Firmware, only thing that is different when I sent it today it had B7V9 on it…
I will be looking forward to what they will send me back as a replacement drive…

I even included in the package (which I sent) a printed copy of an e-mail conversation of a Tech support employee of BenQ and myself describing the
probs I was experiencing (regardless of any FW used).
In the morning when I called RMA helpdesk, they even said to me that I did not need to include a copy of proof of purchase, cos an employee checked it via his PC when he asked me for date of purchase (26 feb. 2005) nad confirmed it…

So very helpful indeed, was a bit astonished how well this matter is beeing resolved by them… Kudos to them indeed.
And let’s see what they will send me back :slight_smile:


Hello everybody :slight_smile:
I have got a replacement DW1620 drive, for my defective DW1620 drive.


[li]Date: November 2004
[/li][li]FW: B7V9[/ul]
Now what do u guys recon I should do now ?
Should I flash an speedpatched FW ,or RPC-1 speedpatched FW and do some test scans with this formware…
Ok I have to say on my defective drive the T9 firmware worked fine, very good results compared to V9, when it used to work :slight_smile:

Ok I admit that every drive is different (even of same model) as it comes to preferred FW set. What should I do then as far as FW is concerned…
I think I will stay at FW B7V9 @ the moment…

Will post some new scans after the weekend, as I am still working on my PC as I got myself a newer HDD (see sig).



BenQ’s quality control is going down the tubes, too bad cuz all they’re doing is ruining their reputation!!!