Can anyone interpret this please?

I received an Acrobat file with some test results from a program I cannot identify. It’s not Kprobe or DVD Speed so I thought I’d share it with you!

If anyone understands it can they tell me if the results are decent enough?

The only information that Acrobat discloses is that the title of the document is
DES-21Multi Ver.1.13 - 1_0709_D_MC-880_Z2_320_310_A07_00003857.tdd. Perhaps it refers to a program called DES-21Multi, version 1.13 (never heard of it).

Acrobat’s “Document properties” reveals no further information about your PDF. You might want to ask the person who sent it.

Yeah I can do. Do the figures mean anything to anyone though?

I can’t comment on anything but the PI errors in the second to last column. They are very abbreviated and not as meaningful as a complete scan, but based on what is there this looks like an average burn. It is about what I get with a Ritek R03 burned in a Liteon 812S or what I get from a Prodisc S03 in a Pioneer 107. Without knowing more about it this media is comparable to media I have purchased for around $30 per 100.