Can anyone help?

Can anyone tell me how to add files to iso or bin ?

I cant extract files from iso add new files and create new iso becouse there is some kind of protection. Files on iso have the same names only diffrent sizes.

So can anyone help me ?
Is there any software which can add files to iso ?

With the demon tools you can mount the image as a virtual cd rom.

Then you can copy the cd contents to your hard disk.
Replace the files you want
Burn a new cdrom with your favorite software, keep the label the same as the original.

It will not work.
As i said there is some kind of protection.
Files are with the same names so you cant just copy it to your hd without overwriting them if they are in the some location.
Demon-tools even doesnt show them.

Anybody knows way around it ?

You are dealing with an ISO which is Mac and IBM compatible.
I don’t see a possibility to manipulate in DOS, without affecting and destroying the Mac section.

I dont think there is any mac section.
It looks like perfect PC iso image except for 5 files with the same name for example :
name: register ; size: 16346;
name: register ; size: 0;
name: rebody.ini ; size: 8678;
name: rebody.ini ; size: 12694;

I’m getting crazy, i cant find solution to this

You mention it yourself>>double filenames are typical for Mac.
Such a cd is compatible with Mac and Ibm, and you can it clone in Dos.