Can anyone help with iso files + images?

does anyone know how to use poweriso, virtualclonedrive or alcohol 52/120%??? i have a few iso files of games + films on my computer. im not sure how to put these files to a virtual drive so i can play/watch them. i used virtualclonedrive once before + was able to put a disk into the computer copy it from the disk to a virtual drive + was able to watch the film from the virtual drive without the actual disk being in the computer. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE SOME HELP HERE AS I HAVE ISO FILES + A COUPLE OF IMAGES BUT DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! THANK YOU

Do you own the original game cd’s?

yes, its games + films i have. i want to do this so my originals can stay in the cupboard where they are SAFE + SCRATCH FREE… Thank You

If using Alcohol 120%, here’s the short answer:

Alcohol 120% uses *.mdf files and when installing use your “virtual drive” and “mount image” (image being the mdf file).

If the installing game/program asks for another disc you must switch to the Alcohol interface and “UNmount image” and then “mount image” (the second mdf file) eg if installing The Sims disc 1-4 you must make 4 images with Alcohol. (link)

i get it now, i think… but, how do i make images from iso files? for example i have battlefield2 in winrar in two folders(cd1 & cd2) each one has a poweriso file(picture of cd) + a cue file(little page with cue written on it). thank you

Obviously a warez download. Thread closed accordingly.