Can anyone help with an Ellion DVDR900A?

Hi all

Recently bought an Ellion DVDR900A DVD+R(W) recorder.

Got it all set up to play and record and am embarking on a project to record some old videos on to DVD before I then hook it up to my Sky+.

Did the first one yesterday - a 2-hour video - and found that the DVD Recorder would pause recording every half an hour, requiring me to either

[li]sit there watching it and try and “catch it” as it paused itself, or
[/li][li]go back to it every half an hour and find where it had paused, re-set the video to that point and start recording again

Surely there must be an easier way - the User Manual, as ever, seems to have been written for someone who understands all there is to know about recording DVDs - which most definitely isn’t me :frowning:

As I was recording music videos onto the DVD, I would also like to be able to find out how to insert “chapter headings” at the start of each song. Themanual suggests I can only do this using DVD+RW’s and not DVD+R’s (I was using DVD+R). Anyone know if this is correct?

Any help - in, frankly, idiot’s-guide language :bigsmile: - would be greatly appreciated.

How are you connecting the VCR to the Ellion? Are these commercially-produced music videos (with likely copy protection)?

Hi imkidd - thanks for the reply.

I’m connecting via a regular Scart cable.

And no, these aren’t commercial videos, this is a random selection of music vids and other stuff recorded off TV over the years - actually spans two different videos.

I should make it clear that the recording HAS been successful - it’s just that this “pause after 30 minutes” thing seems inbuilt into the DVD recorder, so I have four half-hour chapters rather than one 2-hour chapter.

It doesn’t affect how I will view it in future - it’s just a pain in the butt if I’m going to have to do this every time I try and record something that’s more than half an hour long.

I must be doing something wrong!

Hi, Smudgeboy

I bought a Ellion 950S and there is a feature called as Screensaver and it acts as expected (like a PC-screensaver). I dont know, if this is true for your dvr,but look at the manual could give a hint.


Don Promillo

It sounds like you are using a fixed-legth recording option, rather like the ‘one-touch record system’, as it’s aclled on some machines. You can usually increase the time period in 30 minute jumps by a setting in the menu, up to a point at which it returns to zero (ie no fixed length recording, which is what you want). On Philips machines this is achieved by repeatedly pressing the record button on the remote, when it cycles through the fixed period options as described above.

Hi imkidd - thanks for the reply.

That sounds like it - I assumed that you NEEDED to set it to the recording lenght. Stupidly, I hadn’t thought about not setting a length at all - I’ll give this a try.