Can anyone help me!

New to encoding and it does seem pretty straightforward especially with forums like this and user friendly programs like vso and winavi.

My problem is not with the software but with my hardware. I,ve tried most of the popular encoding programs and they all reboot my pc during the encoding process. I’ve tried everything (reinstall xp, uninstall nvidia ide drivers,ram test s ) and after months of climbing the walls I,ve discovered by accident that all my avi files will encode with any program IF the side of the pc case is removed. Yup its easy when you finally find the problem (just glad I didnt rush out and replace any compoents).

So this is obviously a temprature/overheating problem but the thing that is baffling me is that speedfan shows all my temps with either a green tick or a blue arrow except for “aux” which fluctuates between green tick and red arrow at about 45 -50 dergrees so I,m guessing that my problem lies with either my graphics card or my psu. But as the tempratures are not exactly off the chart then why is my system rebooting.

The only 2 things that I can find for my pc crashing are overheating psu or graphics card.

Can anyone help or has anyone experienced a similar problem as its driving me up the wall.


not sure why it works when the case is open but i doubt its the processor , usally when the processor overheats it makes the system shutdown , it should never cause a restart , provide full system specs , imo its more likely an unstable overclock/motherboard/psu/ram issue

is your processor overclocked? might wanna set it to stock speed…
check the motherboard for blown/leaking capacitors (just lay down the case and have a good look,maybe use a flashlight too) , examples of bad capacitors:

take a screenshot of speedfan , check your ram with memtest86+ get it here , do you happen to have a digital multimeter? its more accurate then softwares/bios for psu voltages , if you do have one better use it , heres some guides
if the multiumeter is auto-ranging then set to DCV , if not then set to 20 DCV

Thanks for quick reply. I,ve tried mem test for 8 hours straight with no problems the cpu is a x2 3800 winsor with artic cooler pro runs at 38 degrees whilst under full load.

Its funny that you bring up the psu as that is the only component in my system were I cut corners (its a 550w coloursit cost £15 so could be the culprit). The only thing is that why would the psu fail when the pc case door is closed or for that matter why would any of the components fail if the door is closed.

The only thing that I can think of myself is that either the psu is not getting enough fresh air as the 120mm psu intake might be starved of air due to the 120mm case fan exhaust sucking taking all the available air out (if that makes any sense)

Suppose I can just encode with the door off but not knowing what is causing the problem is frustrating.


its kinda funny , from one side you asked for help and got it , from the other you not playing ball and just say ill learn to live with it , what about that speedfan screenshot or measuring the voltages with a multimeter so ill know if their stable? , and what about having a good look at the motherboard to see if it have bad capacitors , and what about the overclock question

Well checked the motherboard over and no blown capicitors that I can see. I’m not really sure how to take a screenshot of speedfan but all the tempratures look normal if not pretty cool. I,ve never overclocked and everything in bios is as it should be. I might have to go and buy a multimeter as I,ve got no real way of knowing if the psu is upto scratch or not although everything else is fine with this psu it’s just when I encode that it reboots or sometimes crashes.

I’m grateful for the advice as this is driving me nuts but I’ve been to other forums and the general feedback was “well just take the door of when you encode”.

*Weird thing is that my case door already has a grill for the gpu and a space for an intake fan for the psu so there should be plenty of air getting in there - complete mystery!!

maybe you havnt noticed it but speedfan shows the psu voltages aswell not only temperatures , use this program to take a screenshot its quite easy to use configure it to save as PNG

Cheers for the link I have take a couple of screenshots and saved as png files but cannot upload as it says that they are too big. Also just looking at the voltage’s in speedfan my 12v rail went down to 5.87v when I started the encoding for the screenshot -that cant be right can it?

*could you explain how to upload the pics and I’ll post as soon as I’ve fathomed it out

Cheers for help…

yup it cant be right but if its -12v you should ignore it cuz its not important only the + voltages really matter , - voltages are used only on extremely old motherboards some psus have em just for compatbility , anyway as i was saying , you should configure the screenshot program to save as PNG that way the file size will be smaller , if its alredy in PNG then upload to and just copy and paste the 2nd link (IMG Code) to the reply , anyway just to confirm speedfan voltage reading use another program called sandra goto hardware tab,and double click mainboard and scroll down a bit til youll see voltage sensors

Cheers worked that one out o.k - here’s the link at idle:-

and whilst encoding

that +12v cant possibly be right , and some voltages are missing , you might have better luck with sandra (link & instructions in my previous reply)