Can anyone help me?



One of my favourite dvd’s (the warriors) was scratched and due to this fact it would not copy using shrink due to the scratch (cyclic redundency). This scratch was on the extra’s section of the disc straight after the movie credits but as shrink needs to analyse the whole disc I was unable to re-author it. I then tried using decrypter to rip the movie to my hard drive. One file would not work due to the scratch. But it appears that I got the movie files ok.
So now I have 5 files which are in VOB files. Now I can watch the files fine using power dvd on my computer. But I cannot use shrink on these files as it comes up with an error. I also just tried to burn them to a dvd using nero but it gave me some warnings about it not working and indeed it did nt work (burnt but wouldn’t play in my dvd player).
So as I am pretty dumb with computers, can someone help me with what I have to do to make these 5 VOB files burnable on a dvd and playable on my player?


Shrink can do it if you managed to get the IFO, BUP and VOB’s for the movie by using DVD Decrypter.

Load Shrink and go straight to reauthor.

Then go to the folder where the movie is. It should come up something like title 1.

Drag the title over and it analyses just the movie.

It should then backup.

Otherwise use ifoedit and create new ifo’s for the vob files. Use this guide.


Ok, I will give it a try. thx


When I have probs either copying a bad dvd
or a real heavy copy protected one, I turn
to the program "VOB blanker "which seems to put
everything in its right place after you’ve used decrypter
and before you use shrink…