Can anyone help me speed up bit torrent downloads?

Hey, Im having a nightmare trying to speed up my BT downloads, I have a 2MB connection and max BT download speed I get is 10Kb if ever at all. I am using a SMC wireless router the SMC7048WBRA. I have forwarded the ports 6881-6889 to my IP address in the Virtual Server part, this makes no difference. I have disabled Norton and windows firewall and tried setting in the Special application section trigger port 6881 to public port 6881-6889 (I dont understand that bit but saw something about trigger ports in a thread).

There are two of us using the router and the other computer is having the same problem,

I have tried Azures, Torrentstorm and the Bittornado all with no luck

Can anyone help.


I’m only guessing here but try a totally different port(s). It’s generally recommended not to use the standard port assignments as some ISP’s restrict the bandwidth on known P2P ports.
For Azureus I use port 50000.

Well, the first step is to make sure it’s not the router. Plug straight into your modem and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then you know you need to fiddle with the router.

If not, then try as suggested and change the port to something high up and non-standard. I use… ha, thought you’d get me to say it, didn’t ya? Try 54,312 or some crap like that.

cheers people, I am still having trouble, I have disabled all firewalls but when a do a port check with shields up it says the ports I have forwarded are closed.

Are you still using the standard ports 6881-7000 (something like that)? If you are, stop using them because generally, ISPs will cap those ports to very slow speeds. Have you tried bypassing the router? And what do you mean shields up?

Shields up is the GRC (Gibson Research Center) ‘security test’. Steve Gibson (the guy who wrote the spinrite utility for hard drives) fancies himself a security expert now. Nobody ELSE in the security arena does, but hey.

  1. Shields Up is useless.

  2. BYPASS YOUR ROUTER as a first step. I shan’t help you until you have done this.

  3. Use nonstandard ports as a second step. I recommend something upwards of 42,000.

Give BitComet a try - cured all my “connected” and speed problems

hello again, I have tried bypassing the router and if anything it is slower, with my router I managed to get a 100KBS + for a brief while then it dropped down to 5 and wont go up. I have changed the ports and have tried bit comet but still no luck

any help would be appreciated.

Gurm, this is off topic, but are you saying that shields up gives false information?

I just noticed this post to this thread. Yes, I am. Steve Gibson, the author of “Shields Up”, is a notorious security-wannabe. He pretends to be a security guru, but in reality nobody in the security field even takes him seriously.

Shields Up is useless. If it says you’re secure, you can still be hacked. Plus, you can have an open port with a program running behind it and Shields Up will tell you it’s a threat. Screw that.

Steve should stick to what he does really well - low level hard disk code. Spinrite (his original program) is brilliant.

remember first of all…it doesnt matter what clinet u are using, that much…the client it not what is going to speed up ur downloads its the seeders…

if its that much of a porblem, like it used to be for me, just disable the firewall completely

Use BitSpirit, under NAT Traversal check all the boxes. It should help your speed if your ISP is not blocking the packets. If your ISP is blocking the packets, check back in a few days, I’m trying something on my friend’s comp (his ISP blocked BT packets), if it works, I’ll post it.

Did it ever occur to Bittorrenters that maybe the uploaders aren’t using their full bandwith as well?

Most of the time its just a lack of upload bandwidth. If you are downloading a torrent with 10 seeds and 500 leechers dont expect 300kb/s if the seeds are only upping at 10kb/s each. All in the ratio.