Can anyone help me sort a collection of random music files? Various questions

Hi all

For quite a while now I have been ripping my CD collection using dBpoweramp 14.4. When I rip I encode twice, creating one FLAC and one mp3 album. All’s going well with that…

But I also have a fairly large library of stuff I have downloaded, recorded, etc etc. (let’s call that the random collection) and I now want to integrate this into the FLAC and mp3 libraries (from ripped CDs). The random collection is a mixture of FLACs, and mp3s of various quality. I want each album to end up in both the main/parent FLAC and mp3 libraries (created form the rips), even if that means having duplications. All FLACs and high quality mp3s will need to be converted to mp3 –v4 for the mp3 folder. Lower quality mp3s won’t need converting, but I still want a copy in both parent directories. Hope that makes sense!

I have finished tagging all of the audio in the random collection, but there’s more work to be done and I’m a bit stuck on how best to go about it. I’m not even sure what software (or which of the DBPA programmes) to use. I wondered whether any kind souls might be able to help with any of the points below. Even if you can only answer one or two it would be a massive help.

  1. I want to change all of the folder and filenames in the random collection so that they match the same format as the rips I’ve done. I have a naming “script” (Output Location – Dynamic) which I use in DBPA when ripping, if that would help?

  2. I use ReplayGain and so want to apply this to all of the files (to the same spec/settings as the rips I’ve done). How?

  3. When ripping CDs, DBPA replaces characters that are restricted in Windows to ones that are allowed. I’m guessing I’ll need to do this for the random collection too… I’m just not sure how.

  4. I’ve downloaded artwork for the random collection but at the moment all the jpegs are sat in one folder. I don’t embed artwork; I just have a “cover”.jpg in each album folder. Will I have to sort this manually for every album or is there a way to do it quickly and easily?

  5. When I rip CDs, there are two different features that I have for the mp3s only. A) I have the track number added to the start of each song title tag. B) I have the artwork reduced to 320 x 320 (and no larger than 50kb). How can I get this done?

  6. Some tracks have iTunes tags such as iTunes_CDDB_IDs, iTunNORM, iTunSMPB (there may be more…). Do I need to get rid of them, and if so - how (preferably all in one go)? I’m just worried that they might cause conflicts or problems.

Sorry for the length of the post and the amount of questions. Like I said above, any help would be fantastic, no matter how little.



MP3Tag may be able to handle some of your requirements. It has very powerful scripting built-in, although the syntax of some of the more advanced functions can take a bit of effort to understand fully.

PerfectTunes may also be useful.