Can anyone help me find a Wi-Fi router?



Can anyone give me advice on what Wi-Fi router I should get for my internet connection? Iā€™m looking for something under $200, must support dual band N, and has a few LAN ports.:stuck_out_tongue: I know that there must be thousands of them on the market right now, but most have that wide area network input, and I need to connect it to my cable.
(Iā€™m not even sure what the name of the cable/DSL screw thing that hooks into TVs, routers, ect. is.:confused:)
Well, anyway, I need a router with those specs that has one of those cable/DSL inputs on it, and I need some advice on what router I should use!:slight_smile:



Your looking for a cable model with wireless N. This one is new, and might be hard to find right now: Netgear CG3000


Get a Netgear WNDR3700 and a plain modem from your provider (if Cable) otherwise go with a Linksys AM200 or similar for DSL.