Can anyone help me cross-flash my Gigabyte GO-W1623A-RH?

Hi guys, im pretty desperate because i tried everything. i tried looking for software for my dvd burner for it to be able to burn DVD-ROM media and it just seems the drive itself is rejecting the idea of doing so, major bummer since my DVD-rom drive can only read DVD-ROM media now

just wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction of cross-flashing my firmware to a liteon one that enables changing bitsettings or book type since gigabyte doesnt seem to want me to have that ability :smiley:

im not sure about this but someone told me that my model is a rebadge of the SHW-1635S. i am so not sure about that that its scary, lol

eniways, if anyone can point me to the right direction of the best litone firmware or any firmware for that matter that would allow me to burn DVDs to DVD-ROMs, i would appreciate it!!!

Thanks in advance!

BTW, my drive is now using Y8S3 given on the Gigabyte site, not sure it might help but its info nevertheless :smiley:

Nevermind guys i digged around the site and did it myself, works great so far… now to find how to permanently change the book type settings :smiley: thanks again!