Can anyone help a newbie?



(Sorry if these questions seem redundant. I did a search, but couldn’t find any definitive answers.)

I am new to installing DVD drives and I wanted to verify what the optimum configuration is. This is my current set-up:

Primary Master - hard drive (Cable Detected: 80 Conductor, Ultra DMA Mode: 3)
Primary Slave - none
Secondary Master - NEC DVDRW 2500A (Cable Detected: 40 Conductor, Ultra DMA Mode: 2)
Secondary Slave - Matshita DVD SR-8 (Cable Detected: 40 Conductor, Ultra DMA Mode: 2)

My NEC 2500A seemingly reads/writes fine (I tested on a Fuji DVD+RW) and my Matshita DVD-ROM works also, but I’m willing to make changes in the set-up if I can increase performance of either drive.


  • Should I buy a different IDE cable? If so, what’s recommended?
  • What is the purpose of the audio cable? It was connected to the DVD-ROM but when I installed the burner, I moved it to the NEC 2500A. I can still get audio from the DVD-ROM without the cable.
  • The NEC 2500A has an headphone jack and volume control, but when I plugged in headphones to test with an audio CD, I didn’t get any sound from them. How do I take advantage of this?


I don’t have answers to all your questions but the one about your set-up.

Your set-up is perfectly fine and you should leave it alone since you are getting the nec at UDMA2 which is the best one it can be at.


If you’re getting UDMA 2 from the NEC, then everything is fine with your setup. You should be using 80-pin IDE cables for your hard drives if they are newer and support UDMA (most do).

The audio cable you are referring to is analog - you don’t need the cable.

Just go into Device Manager | DVD/CD-ROM drives | _NEC DVD_RW ND-2550A | Properties | Properties Tab | Digital CD Playback | “Check” digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device

Dunno about the headphone and volume control… I never use them - I just plug my headphones into my speakers.


Actually it is an 80-wire IDE cable. Not 80-pin. :wink: