Can anyone explain why I had a sudden decrease in burn rate with a NEC ND-6650A?

I recently had my Dell Inspiron 6000 wiped clean, with a reinstall of Windows XP and all. I quickly installed DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter, both of which I have used for a year or so to copy. For about the first 3 days, the backup process for DVD Shrink and the burn process with DVD Decrypter were both hovering around 6.2X, so about 15 minutes or so for each one. But I went to burn about 5 dvd’s today from their images, and the burn rate never got above 1.3X, or about 45-55 minutes apiece. It was then that I tried to backup a movie I had already burned and found that the backup process had slowed down as well. The only other software I installed in the last few days was a) iTunes w/ Quick Player and b) Microsoft Office 2003, both of which I have uninstalled to see if the speed would come back. I experienced this exact same problem before my computer was wiped clean, but I installed the 2 burning programs after my computer was fairly full, so I just figured all my other programs were bogging it down and I never tried to fix it. Now that I have seen that I can backup and burn in 1/3 of the time it takes presently, I want to figure out what is going on. I have also tried to update the driver for the burner, but it showed none were available. Any help at all would be much appreciated!!

Hiya Kirchcatch, welcome to CDF :flower:

Have you tried checking/enabling DMA for your drive(s)?

Hopefully it’s that simple :slight_smile:

Odd that it is just happening now and not right from the start.

Can you think of any other DVD/CD software you might have installed since the first burns?

Also you should shut off XP’s buit in cd burning.

Could be that he/she put in a disc which caused Windoze to drop back to PIO Mode? :slight_smile:

Windoze…hahahaha…never heard that one… :bigsmile:
And yeah, it could be exactly that.
Good idea, shutting down XP’s buit in cd burning.

Alright guys, so I tried all of the above. I went in and switched off XP cd burning, and I checked the settings for the IDE Channels. Device 1 of the Secondary IDE Channel was the only one set to PIO Only, so I switched it and rebooted. Then I fired up Decrypter, popped in a blank DVD, and still got the same crappy results, 1.3X. Now the strange part. While my DVD was burning, I went back to device manager and opened up both Primary and Secondary Channels. They both were set to “DMA Mode if available” under Transfer Mode for Device 0 and 1, so the reboot must have worked. However, while the Primary Channel had “Ultra DMA Mode 5” for Current Transfer Mode of Device 0, the Secondary channel had “PIO Mode” for Current Transfer mode of Device 0!?!? I just figured that it should be running in a different mode since we changed it, but apparantly its not. This stuff goes a little beyond my computer skills, so I am trying to get you guys the best info here to help me. Also, I hadn’t installed ANYTHING other than iTunes and Office before the problem began again. Thanks for all your help guys, I hope you can figure out whats going on.

Uninstall the Secondary IDE channel in Device Manager (right-click it and select “Uninstall”).

Reboot (once, you may have to reboot twice), and Windows will re-detect your secondary IDE channel and the drives connected to it.

Then check again in Device Manager what the Current Transfer Mode is.

Hopefully this’ll do it :slight_smile:

I had the same problem a few months ago. Drive slowed down a whole bunch. Tried the same thing you are to no avail. DMA showed as being on. Someone suggested I do a system restore to day before it happened. It fixed the problem and has been fine ever since. Go figure. :confused:

YEAH!!! Arachne you are the man! Thanks for your help, you have just saved me about a years worth of time I would have spent waiting for my machine to burn. What do you think could be causing that setting to change like that?

Hehehe, woman :wink:

As for the setting changing - could be a dodgy disc (which you won’t notice). I think if Windoze encounters a certain amount of read errors on a disc, it can cause it to drop back down into PIO mode.

If it slows down again, just follow the steps you followed this time…and you’re welcome, glad you’re “up to speed” now :bigsmile:

hahaha, sorry for the confusion. You know men and what tends to come out of our mouths! :smiley: Anyways, thanks again