Can anyone explain this?

I was Having alot of problems burning dvds so i purchased some dvd rw and it works fine but when itry to burn dvd +R failed burn process. Same brand of disks fujifilms,if there is athread on this can somebody please direct me to it thanks for the help. cyberhome 16X is the burner

Hey Pudge
Don’t have any exeprience with yuor burner but I have had trbl. with fuji disks to the point where I won’t buy them anymore. I’d verify the quality with dvdinfopro and see just what you have and take it from there. Or try a none quality disk like Taiyo Yuden or Ritek.


that the the bad part they are the ty and the rw are rioch since last post ive burned two sucessfully and one worked one didnt, i guess its a crap shoot

Hey Pudge…
You may have done this already but if not, have you tried updating your firmware?


what are you using to burn??

yes updated firmware and using nero express again tonight rw burned fine r failed 20 sec in