Can anyone buy digital blank media ( white recording surface )?

i have a question that i’ve wanted to ask long time a go

does any one can buy digital blank media ( white recording surface ) like in US movies or commercial products and WHERE to BUY it???

secondly : how to get DVD/CD labels look professional like when we buy movies or music… (and type of printers, tÆ¡)

thank u :flower:

commerical products are pressed and not burned so even if you coul dget a hold of the media you’d have no way of putting any data on it.

if you live in the US, the Epson R series printers are your only option for printing on discs (and you must buy printable discs, not regular blank media)

if you live outside the US there are also canon models available. these aren’t availlable in the US due to patent disputes. (the model itself is available, but not with the printing feature)

and for the love of god do NOT use stick-on labels. those are certain death for dvds.

Professional look… You might use R thermo printable discs and a Rimage printer (very expensive) too, as an alternative to ink-based printing. TY thermo printable discs are quite widespread.

As for that recording surface look: There is a CD-R made with a Plasmon stamper and sold by Feurio Online Shop. Shipping costs are extraordinarily high though.;SESSIONID=769129.1146942652.;STEP=3#5100
No silver DVD-R or DVD+R available from them though. So you need to pick between professional bottom and professional top.

You can also buy RW discs to have that metallic look, but RW discs are slightly darker than normal ROM discs are, can cause various incompatibilities, and are rarely ever printable.

I hope I was able to help you. :wink:

You cannot buy such discs and it’s suspicious to me why you even would do this…

thanks for help u guys i really appriciate that but uhmm

normal blank DVD/CDs suck tho …
for example DVD has purple recording surface meaning the quality of the DVD is not as gud as the “White commericial” recording surface when we buy DVDs & CDs right

i tried to use those for yrs and kno that some DVD players r not compatible with those for playing a movie in long range time …

the result is Purple recording surface blank Medias will SKIP a lot with some DVD players ( not with computers tho :slight_smile: ) that is a reason why i wanna buy white commerical blank DVDs/CDs

like reasonsnotrules said above >>>> WE CANT BUY THOSE THINGS>>>> so… im sad lolzzz

That’s just affecting the look of such media, not it’s quality or the content pressed quality.

There are enough bad pressed media out on the market…

Skipping stuff is not the purple recording surface problem, it’s most likely a media quality problem. With Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Sony media, it should all go well.
DVD-R are accepted by most players nowadays and DVD+R is even better because it can be booktyped to mimic a pressed DVD-ROM.

If your having problems its more likely to be the media, try using dvd+r verbatims, and set booktype to dvd-rom. Also do a quality scan afterwards to make sure there wernt any problems while burning. The only real difference is the colour.

You could also get that ‘professional look’ using the Epson R series printers and then coating the ink on the cover with a clear coating of some kind.
You’ll get that polished look and will seal in the ink as well. I’ve done this for awhile and there are some that look identical to the original except that they’re not printed to the hub. :wink: You could even get the hub-printables to create an exact looking finish!

Also, you could get Gold KODAK dvds

wow im really happy for all of ur helps but… i really wanna buy white recording surface disks not like PURPLE BLUE recording
they suck

1: i haf 1 thermal printer
2: epson r200 printer
3: hp printer

As chef said they are not available the purple dye is there to make burning possible.
Haveacigar pointed out the Kodak gold are available at a price but the surface is still not silver.

How exactly? Good quality blank media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim will give you excellent performance if used with the right burner. The color of the disc is irrelevant.